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-In the process of planning the services preformed by the DJ, I was asked to fill out a Wedding reception planner form. Giving all details from start to finish including the names of the bridal party, songs to be played, cake cutting, etc.

This document was sent to the DJ two months via mail with a $250 deposit check. An additional check for $250 was sent a month later fulfilling the total amount due.

The week of the wedding I received a call from Ric Brigman stating that he had misplaced the document and to resend it therefore He would be able to review the material. In addition, he stated that his son would be performing the DJ services that night due to Ric himself having another event. However, Ric reassured me several times of how his son was more than capable to DJ and that they would review the material together making sure everything is covered.

The wedding:

First task of the DJ: announcing wedding party. You would have thought the DJ never looked at the wedding reception planner form. With that said, you would have thought that he was never told how to read the names off in the correct order. When calling out the names, he announced all the groomsmen first and then all the bridesmaids second rather than calling them out as couples. (Please keep in mind that the second copy that I had sent over to the DJ was typed, therefore it was very clear to read). He proceeded to announce names completely wrong. Mickki Hayes, (mother of the groom) was insulted by hearing her name as Mikey Hayes. Melanie Conway (Bridesmaids) being announced as Molonie Conoway. As the bride, I was completely mortified of this happening at the start of my reception. The Dj couldn't have finished the announcements fast enough.

Immediately following the bridal parties entrance. It was decided that the bride and groom would then complete their first dance. The song listed was Dave Matthew's band, You and Me, the song that the DJ played Love and Marriage. Again, I was completely mortified.

Needless to say at that point, guests of the wedding then decided to help the DJ try and get through the rest of the night smoothly, telling him what to play and when to announce the rest of the events occurring that night.

I have never experience such an unprofessional, unorganized, uncomfortable display of a DJ's work as I did that night.

In conclusion, I had contacted Ric Brigman that Monday May 12th to follow up on his son's performance, advising him that I would never want his son to ruin anyone else's event as he did mine. My husband, myself and Mr Brigman had come to the decision that $250.00 would be returned to us, due to this terrible performance.

Weeks later I still have not received a check in the mail. Following an email that I had sent to Ric last week (not hearing anything back from him), I decided to call him. Mr.Brigman had stated that due to the oil spill he has not received any jobs to be able to refund the $250.00. I find it very unprofessional of how this man's business is being run. I, being a responsible client sent the deposit immediately then sent the remainder $250.00 a month before the event. Being that Mr.Brigman had two events that same night of the wedding adding to $1000.00 and me then contacting him days later resulting in the decision of being reimbursed; I would think that he would be responsible and professional enough it send those funds directly back.

Since then I have heard no voice of concern from Mr. Brigman and still have not had a dime sent back to me.

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Hi Terri, just wanted to let you know you are not the only consumer completely disappointed.Two years later I still get mad, I posted my story on every site I could!

Hoping I'd get throughout to this guy! He stated to me that he would give half my money back, never saw it!

He stated that he was going to close his business down, still doing a terrible job!!

I wish there was a way that we could totally trash him and his terrible business to the public damaging his business the way he damaged our special day!


I don't really know where to begin with this guy.I got married last month and hired him to perform the ceremony at our wedding.

He began by insisting we pay him with cash only. He showed up to the rehearsal and I am pretty sure he was drunk. I introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Teri." He said, "Who, Tammy?" I said, "No, I'm Teri...the bride." Later, he called my husband, Steve, "Larry." At the ceremony, he delayed us for about 10 minutes because he was pitching a fit we did not give him the marriage license BEFORE he walked out to the alter. I had it upstairs in a closet.

After the wedding planner got very upset and demanded he go out, he did..reluctantly. I had spent three hours writing a perfect ceremony, including a special part for my husband's son. Ric said NOTHING that we asked him to say. Not ONE part.

I had sent him an e-mail weeks before with the ceremony script attached, and he even replied to it saying he had never had a couple work so hard on the ceremony before. Not only did he not say one thing I asked, but he completely ignored Jared. The only words Steve and I said the entire ceremony were "I do" and "With this ring I the wed." I was heartbroken. I sent him an e-mail when we returned from our honeymoon letting him know how truly disappointed I was.

He has yet to respond after 2-3 weeks. DO NOT USE THIS GUY! He is absolutely NOT the type of person you want on your special day.

I spent the entire night with a knot in my stomach about how awful the ceremony was.I guess the most I can do is write this review and hope someone else saves themselves from making the same mistake we did.

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